AMMS®HEK293 serum-free medium

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Product No.:AS-11

Product Information

  • Size:


  • Storage:

    2~8°C, keep it away from light

  • 有 效 期:

    12 months

  • Status:


  • Scope of application:

    HEK293 cell suspension culture and transfection

  • Product features

  • 1. No serum, no protein, no animal origin and clear chemical composition;

  • 2. High transfection efficiency, suitable for HEK293 cell suspension culture and transfection;

  • 3. Strict quality control and stable performance;

Product description

AMMS® HEK293 serum-free medium is a serum-free, protein-free and animal-free chemical component qualified medium used in the HEK293 cell suspension culture and transfection process. The product contains HEPES, sodium bicarbonate, amino acids, vitamins, phenol red, trace elements, F-68 and other components conducive to the growth and expression of HEK293 cells. L-glutamide should be added before use.

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