AMMS® MSC Cell Culture Kit 2.0

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Product Information

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AMMS®MSC Cell Culture medium is a standardized, animal component- and serum-free media for the culture of Human mesenchymal stem cells and their primary progenitor cells (MSCs). AMMS® MSC Cell Culture Kit 2.0 supports the long-term growth of MSCs and maintains their multipotent differentiation potential.


Product Advantages

1. The kit is suitable for the culture of primary and subculture of human mesenchymal stem cells from different sources;

2. MSCs can be expanded rapidly while maintaining its phenotype and multi-directional differentiation characteristics;

3. Endotoxin in complete medium is less than 0.25 EU/mL;

4. Both components in the kit are animal component-free and antibiotics-free;

5. Culture medium contains glutamine and no further addition is required during the culture process.


Product use

Prepare complete medium

1. AMMS® MSC Supplement 2.0 should be fully shaken after thawing and used immediately or stored at -20℃ to avoid repeated freezing and thawing;

2. Aseptically add 25 mL of AMMS® MSC Supplement 2.0 to 500 mL of AMMS® MSC Basal Medium and mix thoroughly;

3. It is recommended that the prepared complete medium be used up within a week.

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