ActSep® CD3/CD28 Separation & Activation Magnetic Beads

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Product No.:GMP-TL603-1000

Product No.:GMP-TL603-5000

Product Information

  • DMF filed no:


  • Reactive species:


  • Consistence:


  • Endotoxin:

    < 0.5EU/mL

  • 性 状:


  • Storage Temperature:


  • Validity period:

    24 months

  • Notice

  • 1. After cell expansion, the cell suspension in the culture vessel should be gently blown periodically to allow adequate dispersion of the magnetic beads and cells.

  • 2. During the culture process, the cells could be counted every 2 to 3 days, and the magnetic beads should be removed before cell counting. The magnetic beads removal process: the cells in the culture vessels were evenly suspended and sampled into the centrifuge tube, placed on the magnet, left for 1 min, and then transfer the supernatant to a new centrifuge tube.

  • 3. After the cells were cultured for a suitable number of days, the cells needed to be harvested after removing the magnetic beads.

  • 4. The purity, phenotype and activation state of T cells could be detected by flow cytometry during cell culture.(e.g. after 48 hours of cell culture, test the percentage of CD69⁺CD25⁺ on the cell membrane after removing the beads to evaluate the activation effect of magnetic beads.)

Product Description

ActSep® CD3/CD28 Separation & Activation Magnetic Beads are suitable for separation of human CD3⁺T cells, providing a simple method for activating and expanding human T cells without the need for antigen presenting cells and antigens. By coupling anti-human CD3 and anti-human CD28 antibodies on magnetic beads, the primary and co-stimulatory signals needed to regulate T cell activation and expansion are provided. The beads are suitable for human T cell separation, activation and expansion, CAR-T and other T cell culture applications.

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