What is the subtype of CD3 antibodies?


Is it better to coat soluble CD3 and CD28 antibodies on a plate or to activate them in a culture medium solution when used to cultivate human T cells?

Both methods are feasible

How long can the culture bottle coated with NK reagent kit 2.0-A factor be keeped?

There will be no problem within a week

Can PBMCs revived after cryopreservation be used to cultivate NK cells?

PBMCs that have been cryopreserved and revived can be used to culture NK cells, but the culture effect is not as good as fresh PBMCs

How long can MSC additives be keeped at 4 ℃ after being opened?

seven days.

What buffer is used for the dissolution of recombinant human Vitronectin protein (product number GMP-TL651)? Are there any requirements for calcium and magnesium ions?

DPBS or serum-free culture medium can be used. It is not recommended to contain calcium and magnesium ions in the buffer system.

How to convert ED₅₀ to unit?


What are the cell purity and seperation efficiency after magnetic bead seperating?

Purity is defined as the proportion of collected target cells and can be analyzed by flow cytometry. The seperation efficiency is defined as the proportion of recovered target cells relative to the target cells in the original sample.

What is the purity of T cells after using GMP-TL603 seperation & activation magnetic bead ?

The purity varies depending on the cell viability/status/T cell ratio of the sample.

When should we conduct virus transfection experiments after using GMP-TL603 seperation & activation magnetic beads during the CAR-T experiment? Do we need to remove magnetic beads during virus transfection process?

Customers  conduct virus transfection experiments at 24h,48h or 72h, with 48h being the most common.  When the virus is transfected, magnetic beads can be retained.

Does the magnetic bead still work when placed at -20 ℃?

Not recommended for reuse.

Can GMP-TL603 labeled cells be directly detected by flow cytometry?

Can not, It suggests removing the magnetic beads first before testing the cells

Do GMP-TL603 magnetic beads need to be removed when collecting cells after activation and expansion.

magnetic beads need to be removed,general magnetic beads and magnetic frame can meet the application.

What is the particle size of NanoSep™ CD3/4/8 seperation magnetic beads (TL-622, TL-623, TL-624)? Does magnetic bead need separation columns? Is magnetic bead biodegradable?

50nm.Magnetic beads need to go through seperation columns (It is compatible with Miltenyi MACS columns), which are biodegradable.

Have Magnetic beads done safety verification?

The naked beads of micrometer magnetic beads (GMP-TL603) and nano magnetic beads (TL-622, TL-623, TL-624) have completed safety evaluation and verification at the animal level.

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